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do it: sketchbook reception


I've been super excited for the Sketchbook Project Limited Edition's opening reception. It was my sketchbook's official welcome to the world, and can now be checked out as a library book for viewing at the Brooklyn Art Library in Williamsburg!

The first book I checked out was my own. I practically know it by heart at this point, but I had trouble letting it go when I completed it... so we had a little reunion.

 It was very cool to see everyone thumbing through the sketchbooks and passing them around to share. It was a proud moment.

I would highly recommend you visit the Art Library... it's a nice escape and a perfect respite on a rainy afternoon. If you go, check out my book! We appreciate the love and attention. ;) If you can't make it to the library, I photographed my sketchbook and made a special home for it on my blog here.

This person's sketchbook was all about secrets, and invited people to write down a secret of their own and share it in the envelope. I love interactive stuff like this, and of course added a secret. A lot of friends' reactions to my sketchbook were surprise that I would share so much of myself in such a public way. I think that artists often put a huge amount of private emotion into their work, so sharing any piece of work is a bit daunting. When you open up your creative work for criticism it's difficult not to take it personally, so I appreciate all of the warm feedback!