see it

see it: sun dog over nyc

Ever heard of a sun dog? Me neither... til yesterday. I often see gorgeous sunsets over the NYC skyline out my window-- it's a luxury I'm afforded by being 2 floors above all of the neighboring buildings in Astoria, and the reason I chose my apartment in the first place. Last night I noticed something odd in the sky-- it looked like a second sun. I grabbed my camera and snapped away, trying to figure out what it was. It was too bright to be a rainbow, but had a prism quality about it. I tweeted a photo and @vicnewyork replied that it was a sun dog. Um... what? After wiki-ing, I gather he's correct.

This is a a kinda messy panoramic stitch on my part-- but I joined 2 photos so you could get an idea of the whole skyline. Most of the photos of sun dogs show what appear to be 3 suns, one on either side of the actual sun, creating a halo or rainbow effect around the sun. Pretty neat thing to witness.