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love it: being one of a kind

One piece of fashion advice I can actually credit my younger brother with is teaching me that limited = awesome. Having and wearing things that few people have, or better yet- no one has- is how he defines his style. I tend to incorporate this philosophy into my own personal style quite a bit, coveting shoes, accessories and statement pieces that are different and stand out. That said, I've been browsing for colorful, fun hi-tops for the summer, and was amped when I found the customizable double-upper hi-tops on There are 20 different aspects of the shoe that you can pick patterns and colors for, and even add a monogram to make them exclusively yours. I had way too much fun with this. And $70 seems totally reasonable to me to get shoes that even have the racing stripes, stitching and eyelets customized to your liking. I'm obsessed with these shoes!