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love it: sweet lydia's s'mores

I think I catch something in my Twitter feed every day that I'm super excited about-- whether it's an event or new exhibit in NYC, a cute outfit or something fabulous to buy online. Last week, my score of the day was a link to Sweet Lydia's online sweets shop. Based in Lowell, MA (big ups to my home state!) Lydia makes s'mores and other marshmallow treats. Being a huge s'mores fan myself, I often resort to toasting marshmallows over my gas stovetop... but there's a better way! Lydia makes s'mores in fabulous flavor combos that you can enjoy without the mess and meltiness (don't see what you want? you can create your own!).

stacked from top to bottom: caramel, peanut butter, white chocolate, and original

I ordered a few flavors because I couldn't decide. I wound up indulging in a bite of each washed down with an enormous glass of milk. Caramel is my favorite of the four I tried... caramel marshmallow with milk chocolate- YUM! These would be amazing as favors for your shower, wedding, birthday party, dinner party... whatever. Lydia customizes favors, so she can work with you to make the perfect treats for any occasion! My batch got shipped to my office and after cutting one of the originals into 4 pieces and delivering them to my co-workers' offices, they came back looking for more. I was stingy with the remainders, and brought 'em home with me. They're sure to be my go-to for late-night sweets cravings!