do it

do it: get a rad haircut

When I'm in a transition phase in my life, I always have to do something drastic with my appearance. I feel like I've been at a crossroads for, well, the entirety of 2010. I've already had a couple major haircuts and got a fifth tattoo. So I needed to up the ante this time. I've been wanting an asymmetrical bob, a la Posh Spice, but was afraid of cutting-remorse. After a particularly rough week, I decided to go for it. I searched Yelp for highest rated hair salons, and was also looking for a salon with a bit of an edge. I came across a place called Hair Metal in Williamsburg-- sounded perfect. I called on Thursday for an appointment and they set me up with Eve for Friday. The place was about what I had expected: skulls spraypainted on the walls, heavy metal music blasting, chinese stars stuck in the ceiling, an overall grungy feel.

Some people would be deterred, but with my metallic pink sneakers and 5 tats, I was comfortable there. You would think it was a tattoo parlor, given the decor and the fact that everyone cutting hair there had a lot of visible ink.

So given that I was asking for a pretty odd cut (and the fact that you can never be too careful on Friday the 13th) I brought a bunch of photos with me of Becks... 

My hair naturally parts on the side and swoops under my chin on the left side, so I felt like I could pull off this cut. Eve was undeterred (and completely adorable! like a little pixie... with a tattoo sleeve). She cut, razored, ironed, waxed, and I got exactly what I wanted!! 

Whatcha think?! I absolutely love it. And I would definitely recommend seeing Eve at Hair Metal-- she was awesome. So here we go with another attempted fresh start... at least this cut is giving me a major boost in the right direction.