eat it

eat it: people's pops

photo via flickr

It's safe to assume the one common goal all New Yorkers are sharing this week is staying cool. We're officially in a heatwave; Central Park was 103 degrees yesterday, and pushed 100 degrees again today. A surefire way to beat the heat: a frozen treat from People's Pops. (And you can get one FREE today at the Cooking Channel truck parked at Vesey Street b/w Broadway and Church from 3:30-5pm!)

People's Pops was just named one of Brooklyn's Best Entrepreneurs by Inc. Magazine, an honor that Joel, David, and Nathalie worked hard to earn. They source local fruits and herbs and make their pops fresh, slinging flavors like Raspberry-Basil and Blueberry-Cardamom at the Brooklyn Flea and Chelsea Market. I've had the pleasure of a Watermelon Basil People's Pop at the Flea-- don't let the flavor combos scare you, it was delicious! And they're much more refreshing and light than ice cream, especially on a day like today.