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Q & A: rich wouters of civil twilight

Civil Twilight, from left: Steven McKeller, Rich Wouters, Andrew McKeller (photo via MySpace)

I've been a huge fan of Civil Twilight since I saw them open for Evanescence last November. I went to that show having never heard of them, and went home that night and downloaded their entire album. I've since seen them perform a second time at Bowery Ballroom, and am going to see them a third time tonight at Union Hall in Brooklyn. Their music is full of emotion, and their live performances are just as powerful. Being a band that quickly became one of my favorites, I was thrilled to do a Q&A with their drummer, Rich.

1. Gimme five random facts about you.
I grew up on a beach in South Africa and surfed almost every day as a kid.
I like cooking.
I have the best family ever.
My favorite book is 'Crime and Punishment' by Fyodor Dostoevsky
I believe that art can save or destroy us.
I once wrestled a bear to the ground with my bare hands. (Just kidding...)
That was 6 but the last one doesn't count... ;)
2. Favorite song to perform? I kind of go through phases... Right now Im enjoying 'On The Surface'.

3. Sort your iTunes library by play count... what's the most played song? Doves, 'Black and White Town' 

4. Favorite meal to make for yourself? Penne with ragu meat sauce. Or very fresh fish on the grill.
5. What superpower would you most like to possess? The ability to fly.
6. Favorite tourist spot in NYC? Hm... Central Park.
7. Who or what inspires you most? Music, literature, nature, family, God.
8. Favorite sports team? Brazilian national soccer team.
9. Your best friend built a time machine- where in time would you like to go? It would have to be Jerusalem at the time of Christ.

10. Biggest pet peeve? Complaining about things one can't change.
11. Favorite dessert? Tiramisu.
12. You get to go anywhere for a week, all expenses paid... where you headed? The French Riviera.

13. Favorite TV show growing up? MacGyver!

14. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A professional soccer player.
15. You just won the lottery- what’s the first thing you're buying? A new car.
16. Favorite breakfast food? Eggs and bacon on toast with fried mushrooms and tomato!
17. You just had a 5-star evening- what happened? Ate great food with friends, played a show at a nice venue, hung out and relaxed with good people.

18. Favorite guilty pleasure? Haha. Taylor Swift's songs!
19. You're at Starbucks- whatcha drinking? Tall cappuccino. No sugar.

Rich takes iPhone photos of his travels and posts them on LettersfromtheSky.com

20. I love all of your random photos on lettersfromthesky.com… do you have a favorite?
Thanks! I kind of like that new one there called 'Dawn from above'. I took it out of the window of an airplane whilst flying over the Pacific. Photos of sky and clouds and water are my favorite. Especially when the light is interesting... I always just try capture a mood.
* * * * *

Come out tonight to see Civil Twilight at Union Hall! Doors open at 7:30p, tickets are only $10. If you absolutely can't make it out, I'll forgive you, but to make it up to me you must see them at Bowery Ballroom on July 13! I pinky-promise you'll love them as much as I do.