friday favorites

friday favorites: april 30

WATCH IT: videos I peeped this week (that you should too)
T-shirt War- a stop motion video by Rhett and Link. This is so fun! Love it.
A live cover of MGMT's Kids by 7 ukeleles, an accordion and a cajon. This is absolutely fantastic. Must see.

HEAR IT: songs I downloaded this week

FOLLOW IT: blogs I discovered this week 
Passive Agressive Notes is a pretty silly site that collects just that- notes left for people that suggest they change their behavior, or else.
Geek Sugar is a perfect blend of geekery and fun... the kinda stuff I like! Tons of cool stuff and gadgets you always wanted or never knew you needed.
DO IT: add these to your to-do list
Why not get a drink from the outdoor bar at the Bryant Park Grill? We stopped by yesterday after MOMA and got a couple Sam Adam's Summer Ales on draft... was most refreshing.
Also, there are Tribeca Film Festival rush tickets available! Catch a flick with some girlfriends or your fave boy.