do it

do it: get a tattoo

Last night I saw Johnny Cupcakes on the first stop of his Suitcase Tour in SoHo. I already met him last year in his Boston store... but I did have a couple requests for him. First, he wrote a NYC Love postcard for my project, which made me uber happy! My next favor was a bit odd, but he happily obliged and drew his signature logo on my wrist so I could get it tattooed today! 

I took an extra-careful shower last night, keeping my wrist as dry as possible. I traced Johnny's doodle this morning with my Sharpie, and called up Sacred Tattoo. They're located downtown at Broadway and Howard Street, coincidentally less than a block from Johnny's tour stop last night. The studio is on the 2nd floor in an enormous loft space. It's super nice:

I went in without an appointment and waited while Matt finished up with someone. I have a tiny apple tatted on my other wrist (rep NYC!) so I knew it would be a quick but super painful ordeal. This is my fifth ink job, and my wrist tattoos hurt the most by far! Matt was awesome, and after a quick schooling in Johnny Cupcakes' brand (and why I'm getting a Sharpie doodle permanently inked on my body), he hooked it up. It's freakin' awesome! I tweeted a photo of my plastic-wrapped, bloody wrist which Johnny retweeted and consequently made the rounds of RT's on Twitter. ha! Here it is in all of its silly wonderful glory:

I absolutely love it. Johnny has been and continues to be a huge source of inspiration for me in all of my creative and entrepreneurial endeavors. Thanks JC! (Lily thanks you too...)