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make it: coconut macaroons


I'm a big fan of coconut. Coconut lotion, coconut candles, girl scout samoa cookies, coconut candy bars, coconut rum... ah, I digress. Anyway, I had coconut macaroons for the first time in high school french class and have loved 'em ever since. The best macaroons I've ever had were from a bakery in Blois, France in the Loire River Valley. (Stateside tarts and croissants are never the same once you've been to a french bakery.) The best macaroons (by far!) in nyc are from le pain quotidien. Once in a while I'll treat myself to one on the way to the train at Bryant Park after work. I've never made them myself and decided to give 'em a whirl. Here we go...

There are few ingredients needed, and the only thing I didn't have on hand was the coconut, which cost me about $3. If you decide to make them yourself, lemme give you some tips (read: learn from my mistakes). I used foil to line my cookie sheets-- but I put parchment paper on the recipe card for a reason. The bottoms of my macaroons browned quicker than the top and got a bit stuck to the foil. Parchment paper should fix both of these problems. Next, when you're spooning the batter onto the sheet, try to make them packed, tight spoonfuls. Mine were loose and the egg "melted" out around the macaroons, making mine a little less stuck together than they should be. Otherwise, have at it! Despite my little mistakes, they're delicious.

Thoughtful (and cheap!) homemade valentine idea: make the scoops of batter a little bigger (you'll probably have to extend the baking time a bit). Once they're cooled, dip them into chocolate (cover either one half of the cookie or the bottom with chocolate) and put them onto foil to set. Put each one into a paper cupcake baking cup-- I've seen them for valentine's day with hearts on them... or you can always find pink ones. Put several of them in a little box and tie a ribbon around it. (The container store has a ton of great paper boxes to choose from). Little individual treats for your valentine! <3