do it

do it: take a snow day

I decided way before I knew a snowstorm was brewing that I was going to take a few days off. I've been needing some down-time... no one at my office could argue with that. When I realized yesterday just how bad the snow was going to be today, I was kind of happy at the prospect of being snowed in. I have the bare necessities... tea, girl scout cookies, good reading material, warm pajamas. My mailman prevailed through the snow to deliver my netflix rental, 500 days of summer (which managed to be cute and depressing, go figure). I've been working on a lot of different projects, listening to tons of great music, chatting with my family and yelling at Lily for climbing on top of the fridge (she found my quill, her treats, and a roll of twine... she was victorious for but a moment). It's so nice to not have to be anywhere... to actually sit and relax, and know that I have the next 3 days to do the same thing. Everything, nothing. Whatever. Sometimes you need to let it all go and just take care of yourself for a few days. I'm not stressing about work, I'm working on things when I feel like it, laying down with a movie when I want to chill, curling up in my papasan chair with a book. Ahhh... I so needed this.