eat it

eat it: the brass rail

The company I work for had an off-site day-long meeting in Hoboken. We chose The Brass Rail for their proximity to the PATH train, their upstairs dining room, and their extensive menu. The food was fabulous! I'm not in Jersey often, but I do have a couple friends in Hoboken, and would definitely go back here for a more casual experience with friends. The ground level has a sports bar vibe, while the upstairs dining room is more formal. They have a great drink menu, including a pretty comprehensive draft beer offering.

For lunch I had french onion soup, jalapeno and honey marinated chicken with risotto, and fried apple pie a la mode. Soo good! The staff were super friendly and made sure we all had everything we needed throughout the day. (I was a pain and asked for tea when everyone was brought coffee... they brought over a whole box of tea for me to choose from... happiness!)

Washington Street in Hoboken is a pretty rad place to spend an afternoon, so check this place out. It's a 10 minute train ride from Manhattan... you can handle it.