down the rabbit hole: day 717

In real-life time, I've been wandering, creating, dancing, cooking, exploring, eating, dating, and breathing in NYC for 717 days. In wonderland time, it's been 119 hours, 26 minutes and 14 seconds... but no matter. Either way, I'm smitten with this city and it's getting hotter all the time. I've discovered some amazing places off the beaten path, eaten incredible food at many a hole-in-the-wall, met some great people with even greater stories, and even sewed a few things here and there. 

I'm in the midst of moving from Brooklyn to Astoria, and feel like I'm starting over again. Third time's a charm, right? I came to NYC for six months in 2005 to intern at a celebrity weekly and fell head over heels for this place. I moved back here in 2008 feeling like I had unfinished business. I came with one goal: survive a year. I managed to survive and then some!

So now, on my 717th day, I find myself surrounded by boxes and stacks of books, dishes, fabric, and journals. I've collected so many little pieces of New York over the past two years... each concert ticket, admission bracelet, cupcake receipt, smiley photo, business card and journal page tells a story. Here I'll share my daily adventures, and we can explore and celebrate the city together. You never know what could happen when you're following rabbits.