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NYC is my wonderland... so you can call me Alice. I fell in love with the city in '05 as an intern at Us Weekly. After wandering off for a few years, a white rabbit led me back here where I belong. I love exploring the city that manages to inspire me every single day.
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make it: broken resolution notebook

Hard to stick to resolutions here in NYC-- when they involve a diet, anyway. Here's day 2 of my resolution-- to list 30 items in 30 days in my Etsy store! This Broken Resolution notebook tells it like it is... who can say no to pizza?!  



make it: beyonce notebook and a new year's resolution

Happy New Year!! I'm feeling super creative and amped about a fresh new year-- and so I've resolved to make 30 new projects in 30 days. I think it will be a great jumpstart to the year and help get my blogging and Etsy store back on track. Today's item is a pocket notebook featuring none other than the Queen Bey herself, Ms. Beyonce:  

She can be yours by visiting my Etsy store-- there are currently 2 available. Stay tuned for more creations... Steve got me a Cricut Explore machine for Christmas and the thing is incredible. Here's to an inspiring and creative 2015!


at home: easy picture wall

Over the past few months I've been hitting the books hard at LIM College, attending class full time and earning my MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship. It's been a great experience and is helping me launch a new clothing line (more on that really soon). I've also moved into a gorgeous new apartment with my boyfriend, and we've been buying and building furniture, and decorating up a storm. We share a board on Pinterest where we've both been pinning things we would like for our new nest. We both liked the idea of a picture wall, and with our bedroom walls completely empty, I snagged some supplies to make our own. 

You will need:
2 sets of frames from Urban Outfitters (20 frames total)
Command picture hanging strips (I got the 4-pack)
A piece of string (mine was 5 ft long to match our headboard)
A level (I downloaded a bubble level app on my phone)

First I measured my headboard, which was 5 feet wide. I put the tape measure on the counter so I could lay out my frames and move them around until I liked the configuration. If you don't have a tape measure, go ahead and measure with string, then lay the string on the counter or floor to do your layout. 

Once I liked what I saw, I put Command picture hanging strips on the backs of all of the frames. (I did a test on our walls-- they did come off just as easily as they say they do). These are great because they aren't permanent and if you goof you can peel them off and move your frame. 

Next I taped the string on the wall above our headboard, to act as a guideline for mounting all the frames. I used my level app to make sure the string was level. I put up the two top corner frames first, then filled in the top line, then worked my way down. I had to re-do a couple, so it was good I had a few extra strips. 

I love the way it turned out. Can't wait to get photos printed!


buy it: fall fashion staples and standouts

I've been radio silent for months, and a majority of that is due to the fact that I was applying to, enrolling in and now attending LIM College for my MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship. How excited am I?! I'm also super busy and slowly trying to get my regularly-scheduled programs back on track... including this blog! 

Attending a fashion school has made me very aware of what I'm wearing every single day. Even on Sunday morning heading to get a bagel, I was applying purple cateye liner and donning my skinnies and Jeffrey Campbell booties. It's finally feeling a bit like Fall (yay!) and I'm pumped to dress for it. Yesterday I picked out some fabulous fall staples and standouts from Piperlime:

From left to right, top to bottom:
1) Tinley Road Ruched tee - $18.99 
2) Tulle Heart Print Blouse - $39.99
3) THML Clothing Sequin Collar Blazer - $39.97
4) Jessica Simpson Calie (black patent) - $79
5) Jessica Simpson Calie (nude patent) - $79
6) Ivanka Trump Pinkish (yellow patent) - $89.99
7) Tinley Road Square Link Necklace - $32.99
8) Tinley Road Peter Pan Collar A-Line Mini - $79
9) Tinley Road Bleecker Pencil Skirt - $49

Whatcha think? Any faves?


do it: sketchbook reception


I've been super excited for the Sketchbook Project Limited Edition's opening reception. It was my sketchbook's official welcome to the world, and can now be checked out as a library book for viewing at the Brooklyn Art Library in Williamsburg!

The first book I checked out was my own. I practically know it by heart at this point, but I had trouble letting it go when I completed it... so we had a little reunion.

 It was very cool to see everyone thumbing through the sketchbooks and passing them around to share. It was a proud moment.

I would highly recommend you visit the Art Library... it's a nice escape and a perfect respite on a rainy afternoon. If you go, check out my book! We appreciate the love and attention. ;) If you can't make it to the library, I photographed my sketchbook and made a special home for it on my blog here.

This person's sketchbook was all about secrets, and invited people to write down a secret of their own and share it in the envelope. I love interactive stuff like this, and of course added a secret. A lot of friends' reactions to my sketchbook were surprise that I would share so much of myself in such a public way. I think that artists often put a huge amount of private emotion into their work, so sharing any piece of work is a bit daunting. When you open up your creative work for criticism it's difficult not to take it personally, so I appreciate all of the warm feedback!